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Dark Chocolate Brownie Bites

Our organic Dark Chocolate Brownie but in small bites that are perfect for snacking and sharing! These rich, fudgy beauties are delicious eaten on their own or with a dollop of clotted cream. So indulgent you'll easily finish a pack in a matter of minutes - unless you decide to give it away as a small, but divine, chocolate gift. 

As always, our brownies are organic, Fairtrade certified, palm oil free and handmade with love from all of us in West Sussex. 


Allergens: Contains milk, eggs and cereals containing gluten. May contain soya. Made in a kitchen where nuts are used.

Suitable for vegetarians.

All our Brownies are handmade without any artificial ingredients. Our brownies have a short shelf life, typically 1-2 weeks. They can be frozen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pamela Franczak
Dark chocolate brownies

These are really scrumptious

A mouthful of heaven!

I eat one (eyes roll in ecstasy) and then I want to eat another one and then another one....

Mike the Walrus
THE Best Chocolate Brownie by Far!

The best Chocolate by far - along the line of Supercalifragigeorgouscrumptious brownie I have ever tasted! Nothing else beats these! Just one small problem - ms once they are opened they might start to go off fairly quickly - I beat them this time, I ate the whole bag befor it could even think about going off - Oh well more to buy I guess!

UK's Best Brownies

I've had many brownies, from all over the UK. Online and offline.

These are everything I expect form a Quality Brownie: rich, gooey, never crumbly, not limp; they retain their shape well because they are thick and stodgy.

But most importantly, they do not have that annoying butterscotch, biscuity or nutty notes that ruin so many a lesser brownie.

I've had Paul Young's brownies, and they don't even compare to these; I found them too bland and crumbly for a Premium Brownie, let alone 'the Best' as so many rave about it.

These have a pure chocolate taste; but you can also get the freshness of the batter - the 2 flavors are pure and true.

While one or two stores from the famous Borough Market do match it; weight for weight they are more expensive, so I will just go by best Quality value here.

Just taste them yourself!


Dark Chocolate Brownies

this is the best chocolate brownie I have ever had! Quite agree with the earlier comment about not attempting to eat the whole brownie in one go....I ate mine in three sittings. Obviously I could have shared it with someone else, but why would you? Scrummy!