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How to claim Brownie Points towards a voucher

How to claim Brownie Points towards a voucher

| Nizatto Digital Limited

You've been ordering chocolate and saving up your Brownie Points. So now what?

Now it's time to claim them towards a £5 or £10 voucher to use on your next order. It's easy to do.

First, make sure you're logged into your account on our website and head to the brownie points button in the bottom left of your screen. Here you can see you point balance/history, how to earn more points and on the right you should see a tab that says "My Rewards." Click that, and now you will be able to see two different vouchers you can claim. Anything that is greyed out means that you haven't got enough points to claim it. 

Pick the voucher you'd like and hit confirm. It will then generate a voucher code for your to use with your order. You need to enter it at the checkout when you're entering your address and payment info.