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How to Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles

| Emily Viljoen

Making these luxurious dark chocolate truffles is the perfect rainy day activity. Whether you’re using our super-easy Truffle Making Kit or experimenting with your own blends of chocolate - the instructions below will help you become your very own Chocolatier in no time. The recipe below will make 30 indulgent truffles.

You will need: 

  • 267ml of Double Cream (or Vegan equivalent)
  • The Cocoa Loco Truffle Making Kit, or the following - 
    • 200g of chocolate with 55% cocoa solids
    • 100g of chocolate with 73% cocoa solids
    • 50g of dark chocolate flakes
    • 50g of cocoa powder

So grab your bowls and spoons and let’s get going!

1. Start off by heating your cream - this can be done on the hob or in the microwave. Bring the cream up to a boil, but be careful that it doesn’t boil over. Once this is done, let the cream cool for 30 minutes.


2. While the cream is cooling, this is the best time to start melting your chocolate. I personally melt my chocolate on the stovetop, with a bowl on a saucepan of water. (a little tip is to put a toothpick between the bowl and the saucepan - this helps the steam escape). To stop the chocolate from burning, remove it from the stove before it is completely melted and stir until it is fully melted. This step can also be done in the microwave. Start by microwaving the chocolate for 30-40 seconds on medium heat, then mix and continue to heat in 5-second increments. 

3. To create your ganache, mix the cream and the melted chocolate together. Mix mix mix until you get that glossy and smooth ganache. Place that mixture into the fridge for two hours. 

    4. Once those two hours have passed, grab your mix out of the fridge. Using a spoon (I prefer to use a teaspoon), spoon out little bite-size pieces and roll them into balls. This is a messy process as it is best to roll them by hand (if you dust your hands with icing sugar, this can help reduce the stickiness). Once rolled, place onto parchment paper and set in the fridge. 

    5. Next, it’s time to create the chocolate shell around your truffles! Using your preferred method from above, melt your second bag of chocolate. And here comes the fun part! Dip the truffles in the melted chocolate, and then roll them in the flakes and cocoa powder. When this is done, pop them back into the fridge to harden. 

      Once set, they are ready to enjoy!

      Your truffles can have endless possibilities, so why not make your own signature truffles? You could take inspiration from your favourite Cocoa Loco truffles. One of my favourites are the sloe gin truffles - to recreate these add a dash of sloe gin into your mixture and then roll in dried raspberry powder. Or you could create coffee, raspberry, coconut or even chilli truffles!