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The Independent: 10 best Fairtrade chocolate

The Independent: 10 best Fairtrade chocolate

| Lauren Bayross Payne

What's not to love about Fairtrade chocolate? By tucking into one of the bars listed below, you are supporting small-scale suppliers from across the globe who may otherwise be pushed out of business by their larger competitors. Oh, and it all tastes fantastic too.

We willingly accepted the task of sampling each bar below - some are own-brand offerings from well-known supermarkets, while other chocolatiers you may not have heard of, but all are certified by The Fairtrade Foundation. From classic milk chocolate done superbly and others with exotic ingredients to bars fit for vegans, there's something for every chocolate-lover here.   

Cocoa Loco - Dark Chocolate Cinder Toffee

Cinder Toffee

Based in Horsham, West Sussex, all Cocoa Loco’s chocolate is Fairtrade and organic. As well as boxes and bars, the company makes some other sweet treats, like this homemade cinder toffee dipped into silky-smooth dark chocolate. Ginger, brazil nuts and mango also get the dunked treatment if you’re looking for other options.

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