The Fa-la-la-la-la-mily Christmas Gift Box


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The Simpsons, The Incredibles, The Addams Family, The Swiss Family Robinson, The Weasleys...

This organic Christmassy chocolate gift box is perfect for your favourite family! With chocolate truffles for the adults ('too good for children' - Ms Trunchbull, definitely not anyone's favourite) to cheerful Christmas chocolatey boxes. 

As always, our chocolates are organic, Fairtrade, palm oil free and handmade with love from all of us in West Sussex.

Allergens Summary: Contains nuts & milk. May contain soya. Made in a kitchen where cereals containing gluten and eggs are used. Sloe Gin & Christmas Pudding Truffles contain alcohol.


Marbled Chocolate Bar (100g)
Combining rich dark chocolate, silky smooth milk chocolate and creamy vanilla white chocolate, you'll get a Fairtrade chocolate bar that will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings.

Lemon Drizzle White Chocolate Bar (100g)
The creamy Fairtrade white chocolate mixes perfectly with the sharp flavours from the lemon oil, creating an indulgent piece of chocolate that will prove slightly difficult to share! 

Milk & White Chocolate Robins (100g)
Our Christmassy organic Milk & White Chocolate Robins will make your heart sing gleefully and your mouth water. 

Sloe Gin Truffles (100g)
Smooth and rich mouthfuls of Sloe Gin and organic milk chocolate heaven that will have you hiding the box and scoffing the lot.

Christmas Pudding Truffles (100g)
Luxurious and delightful organic Christmas Pudding Truffles that will make the Christmas Spirit stay in your heart throughout this Christmas.

Salted Caramel Truffles (100g)
Each Fairtrade chocolate truffle contains a smooth and buttery salted caramel centre that'll make you clap with joy.

Milk & Orange Hot Chocolate Flakes (200g)
The silky smooth organic milk chocolate combined with the tanginess of the orange flavour equals one indulgent hot chocolate! 

Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar (100g) 
Silky smooth organic milk chocolate partnered with succulent sultanas and hazelnuts, giving an extra crunch to the otherwise simplistic Fairtrade chocolate bar - we absolutely adore everything about it! 

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar (100g) 
Our organic Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar contains a whisper of sea salt. It is a subtle, intriguing and complex bar that will awaken the chocolate connoisseur within you.

Milk Chocolate Santas (100g)
Our jolly organic Milk Chocolate Santas are here to bring you all of the chocolate joy you need this Christmas - just try one and we're certain you'll get a smile on your face!

Please see individual products on our website for further dietary and allergy information.

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