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The Independent: 14 best vegan and dairy-free Valentine's Day chocolate

The Independent: 14 best vegan and dairy-free Valentine's Day chocolate

| Lauren Bayross Payne

Does your belle or beau love the cocoa, but milk is a no-no? Then treat them – or yourself – to one of these delicious selections.

Veganuary may be coming to an end but for vegan and lactose-intolerant chocolate lovers, the struggle to find a sweet treat to celebrate Valentine's Day can be very real.

While vegan and dairy-free chocolate is becoming more widely available at Christmas and Easter, the options are still a little sparse around 14 February.

It can be hard to tell which chocolate is free from animal products – but anything with the Vegan Society sunflower logo will guarantee this.

For example, Booja-Booja and Plamil factories are completely dairy-free, and their products carry the logo.

Other chocolate may be labelled as vegan-friendly, which means it does not contain animal products but may have traces of non-vegan ingredients because it is produced in a factory that deals with other products.

We have picked six of the best options on the market this year, ranging from heart-shaped solid chocolate to boozy truffles and luxuriant chocolate slabs, all of which can make a perfect gift for someone you're looking to treat.

Cocoa Loco dark chocolate love hearts, 100g

These organic, fair trade dark chocolate love hearts come in a perfectly sized pack, considering how rich they are. The solid hearts are made with single-origin beans from the Dominican Republic and have a smooth, slightly sweet taste. Each heart has a different message printed on it, from “I love you” to “kiss me” and “sweet heart”. If you're looking for another option, Coco Loco also makes vegan-friendly dark chocolate pralines. 

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